I'm happy to inform everyone that the commenting functionality is now live on!

Now when you view content on the site, such as an ayah or hadith, towards the bottom of the page you can also post a comment and others can reply. If you read a comment you think contributes something positive you can give it a "thumbs up" vote and vice versa if you feel otherwise.

Here’s an example of a recent post:,-the-disbelievers-will-be-asked-to-walk-towards-hell-which-they-used-to-deny&usg=AFQjCNG2mrakGvduWMVy05P0Dr5Ye_sZqA

The comments will be moderated and we have provided the ability to flag inappropriate posts for removal.

At, we feel that there are many ways this functionality can be of benefit to people. Here are some examples:

1. Have you ever read an interesting article that references an Islamic source text (ex. an ayah or hadith), or perhaps read a tafseer which contains insightful scholarly interpretation, and wanted a way to share what you learned with others who read that source text? Maybe it was something profound you heard the imam say in a khutba? Now you can post a comment about that ayah or hadith on so that you can share what benefited you with others!

2. The Quran and ahadith relate numerous stories about past events and peoples to us which are meant to serve as lessons applicable to situations in life that almost everyone encounters. Have you ever had a real world experience or read about events in the news which you realize are practical applications for some of these lessons? Now you have a way to share your personal stories and thoughts with others by commenting on the relevant Islamic source text on!

3. The Quran contains vivid descriptions of the afterlife which, among other things, are meant to impact our emotion, motivate us, and instill fear where appropriate. Have you ever read some passages which touched you in a particular way and wanted to share your thoughts with others who read the same passage? Commenting on now provides the ability to do so.

Insha’allah we have much planned for the site in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned! For now, we encourage everyone to start benefiting from the site and posting your own content for others to benefit from. We’re happy to hear feedback which can be submitted by clicking on the black feedback button on the left side of any page on

-The Team