Now you can create your own discussion groups on! We’ve added functionality to allow any user to create groups for bringing together like minded people on any particular subject. Groups have their own discussion forums for group members to post on. Alim Groups comes with a fairly rich feature set. Group creators have the ability to make other group members managers of the group to help in group administration, which includes moderating the discussions on the group forum. Groups can be made public for anyone to join, moderated so that acceptance requires approval from a manager, or closed so that membership is only possible via invitation from a manager.

Visit and take a look at some of the groups that have already been created and if you have an idea of your own for a group, go ahead and create one! Just click on the ‘Community’ tab to see existing groups or click on ‘My Profile’ to create your own. Remember to spread the word about! Hit our Facebook “Like” button or use some of the other social networking widgets we have integrated into the site on every page!