"The earth has been made for me (and for my followers) a place for praying...therefore anyone of my followers can pray wherever the time of a prayer is due."
[ http://alim.org/library/hadith/SHB/331/1 ]

Alhamdulillah! Allah (swt) made it easy on us by allowing us to worship him almost anywhere. This inevitably leads to prayer in some very unique, strange and perhaps even awkward places. Share your stories about the weirdest places you've had to pray and perhaps help others strengthen their resolve to pray on time wherever they are.

Salaah @ The Pentagon

As Salaamu 'Alaikum: Al humdu lil laa I have been praying regularly for nearly 40yrs & have prayed almost every where you can think of. When the movie which is now called the "Message" first came out (then it was in the Movies & was called "Muhammad the Messenger of God"). I remember requesting the Manager to let me & about 15 bros & sister pray in the closed balcony while the movie was playing cause it was so so long. Before I stopped going to clubs & things when I was young & hanging out all night, I still wouldn't miss my salaat.

Re: the hadith

It’s discussed here [ http://alim.org/library/hadith/fiq/FQS/2/118 ] to some extent. In a course on the topic of Salah I recently took, there was some discussion on this. Some fuqaha, namely the Hanbalis, allow it. Other fuqaha explain the incident as a “superficial” combination in that the Prophet (s) merely delayed dhuhr until near the end of its time and prayer asr right at the start of its time. So each salah was indeed prayed in its correct, albeit unpreferred (in the case of dhuhr), time.

What about this hadith?

Masha Allah, Allah (swt) has always given me a place to make Salah. Most of the companies where I worked, there was always a masjid in walking distance, and if I could not make it I would always find an empty conference room. One place I worked, they even had a multi-purpose prayer room which only the brothers (and a few sisters) used. The only difficulty I had was when I did my masters in Rutgers. Sometimes I would have classes during Maghrib time and I could not always find an empty and unlocked class room to pray in. So I would pray in the stairs.

Wall Street

I work in the financial industry in NY and in the past had to visit different companies which were clients of the company that I worked for. Salah would be tricky especially in the winter months where the days are short and dhuhr, asr, and maghrib are very close together. If the building had a quiet room it would be easy - just pray there and no one will bother you. Sometimes the receptionist could help you find an empty office but not always. Unlocked storage rooms were also periodic solutions. If all else failed I would ended up praying in the stairwell.

Disney World

Ok I'll start this off: Disney World - Magic Kingdom. It's mid-afternoon, the park is packed with people, and we need to pray. We could always leave the park and pray in the parking lot near our car but it takes around half an hour just to get out and take the shuttle back to the lot. Add another half our to get back and that'd be an hour spent just for one prayer. We kept our eyes open the whole time for some corner somewhere that wasn't very crowded. It was tough to find anything - there were people everywhere.