Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith - 5.451

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Concerning those who witnessed the Fear Prayer that was performed in the battle of Dhat-ur-Riqa' in the company of Allah's Apostle: one batch lined up behind him while another batch (lined up) facing the enemy. The Prophet led the batch that was with him in one Rak'a, and he stayed in the standing posture while that batch completed their (two Rakat) prayer by themselves and went away, lining in the face of the enemy, while the other batch came and he (i.e. the Prophet) offered his remaining Rak'a with them, and then, kept on sitting till they completed their prayer by themselves, and he then finished his prayer with Taslim along with them.

Narrated Ibn Az-Zubair: Jabir said, "We were with the Prophet at Nakhl," and then he mentioned the Fear prayer.

Narrated Al-Qasim bin Muhammad: The Prophet offered the Fear prayer in the Ghazwa of Banu Anmar.

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