Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith - 5.701

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that his father said, "I participated in Al-Usra (i.e. Tabuk) along with the Prophet." Yala added, "(My participation in) that Ghazwa was the best of my deeds to me." Ya'la said, "I had a laborer who quarrelled with somebody, and one of the two bit the hand of the other ('Ata', the sub-narrator, said, "Safwan told me who bit whom but I forgot it"), and the one who was bitten, pulled his hand out of the mouth of the biter, so one of the incisors of the biter was broken. So we came to the Prophet and he considered the biter's claim as invalid (i.e. the biter did not get a recompense for his broken incisor). The Prophet said, "Should he leave his hand in your mouth so that you might snap it as if it were in the mouth of a male camel to snap it?"

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