Sahih Muslim Hadith - 447

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Narrated Aisha

Ata' reported: I heard Ubayd ibn Umayr say: It has been narrated to me by one whom I regard as truthful, (the narrator says: I can well guess that he meant Aisha) that there was an eclipse of the sun during the lifetime of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and he stood (in prayer) for a rigorously long time. He then bowed, stood up, then bowed, stood up and then bowed, thus observing three ruku's in two rak'ahs and four prostrations. He then departed and the sun brightened. He pronounced "Allah is the Greatest" while bowing. He would then bow and say: "Allah listens to him who praises Him" while lifting up his head. He then stood up, praised Allah and lauded Him, and then said: The sun and the moon do not eclipse each other on the death of anyone or on his birth. But both of them are among the signs of Allah, with which Allah terrifies His servants. So when you see them in eclipse, remember Allah until they have brightened. This hadith is narrated thus on the authority of Aisha through another chain of transmitters: "The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) observed six ruku's and four prostrations in (two rak'ahs)."

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