Dreams, Interpretation of

'A dream that comes true is one of forty-six parts...'

A bad dream is from Satan

A number of persons having the same dream

A shirt seen in a dream

Considering the interpretation of a dream invalid

Day dreams

Do not mention bad dreams to anybody

Dragging a shirt in a dream

Drawing water from a well in a dream

Drawing water from a well with weakness

Dreaming that milk is flowing in one's limbs or nails

Dreams are from Allah

Giving the remainder of one's drink to another

Glad tidings

Green color and a green garden in a dream

Interpretation of dream after the Fajr prayer

Milk seen in a dream

Narrating a dream which one did not see

Night dreams

Performing ablution in a dream

Performing Tawaf around the Ka'ba in a dream

Removing the veil of a woman in a dream

Replacing something in a dream

Seeing a black woman in a dream

Seeing a bowl in a dream

Seeing a flowing spring in a dream

Seeing a kind of thick silk in a dream

Seeing a lady with unkempt hair in a dream

Seeing a palace in a dream

Seeing cows being slaughtered in a dream

Seeing oneself fettered in a dream

Seeing silken garments in a dream

Seeing something flying in a dream

Seeing the keys in one's hand in a dream

Seeing the Prophet in a dream

Taking hold of a handhold or a ring

The commencement of the Divine Inspiration

The dreams of prisoners, evildoers and pagans

The dreams of righteous people

The dreams of women

The feeling of security and disappearance of fear

To be taken to the right side in a dream

To blow out in a dream

To take rest in a dream

Waving a sword in a dream