Wills and Testament

'After the execution of a will made by'

'But if at the time of division'

'Give to the orphans their wealth'

'It is prescribed, when death approaches'

'Look after my son'

'My land or my garden is Sadaqa for Allah's sake'

'Those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans'

'We do not want its price, except from Allah'

A group of persons giving a jointly-owned land

A legal heir having no right to inherit through a will

A patient giving a clear sign by nodding

About Damages and Injuries Caused by Slaves

Bequests to Heirs and Right of Possession

Building a mosque on endowment land

Can the founder have the usufruct of his endowment

Children and women

Command to Write Testaments

Dealing with the Property of the Pregnant Woman, the Sick Person and Someone Present in Battle

Effeminate Men and Custody of Children

Explanation of above Statement of Allah

General Chapter on Making Judgment and Shying Away from It

Giving a piece of land as endowment

Giving animals, property, silver and gold

Giving in charity at the time of death

Giving in charity on behalf of a dead person

Giving wealth, slaves, etc in charity as endowment

Guardian dealing with an orphan's wealth

If somebody founds an endowment

Leaving one's inheritors wealthy

Liability for Defect Goods

Limiting the Bequest to One-Third of the Estate

Paying the debts of the deceased by executor

Permissibility of the Bequest of the Child, the Simpleton, the Lunatic and the Idiot

Spending the usufruct of an endowment

The employment of an orphan

The salary of the administrator of an endowment

To will one-third of one's property

What is Permitted of Gifts

Witnesses in foundation of an endowment

Writing an endowment