'Do not marry unbelieving women'

'Either of you is a liar'

'For those who carry life within their wombs.'

'For those who take an oath for abstention'

'If anyone of you dies and leaves widows'

'If I were to stone any person to death'

'Nor it is lawful for them to hide'

'O Allah! Reveal the truth'

'O Prophet! Why do you ban that which Allah'

'Their husbands have more right to take them back'

'You are unlawful for me'

A lady in mourning may wear clothes of 'Asb

A manumitted female slave

A slave given the option regarding her husband

A widow should mourn for four months and ten days


Annulment of Marriage by Husband's Vow to Refrain from Intercourse (Ila)

Being divorced during the menses

Carrying out Lian in a mosque

Circumstances in Which only One Pronouncement of Divorce Permitted in Giving Wives Right of Divorce

Coitus Interruptus

Compensation in Divorce

Deadline of Men who do Not have Intercourse with Their Wives

Dhihar of Free Men

Dhihar of Slaves

Divorce according to the Prophet's Tradition

Divorce by Euphemistic Statements

Divorce given in a state of anger

Divorce of Men who Divorce for Compensation

Divorce of Sick Men

Divorce of Slaves

Divorce of Virgins

Divorcing a wife after the process of Lian

Divorcing thrice at a time

Fear of being attacked in husband's house

General Chapter on 'Idda of Divorce

General Section on Divorce

Giving option to wives

Idda of an Umm Walad when Her Master Dies

Idda of Divorce and Divorce of Menstruating Women

Idda of Slave-Girls Divorced by Their Husbands

Idda of Slave-Girls whose Master or Husband Dies

Idda of Widows when Pregnant

Idda of Women in their Houses when Divorced in Them

Idda of Women whose Husbands are Missing

If a pagan or Christian woman becomes a Muslim

Incense may be used by a lady in mourning

Inheritance of Children of Women against whom Lian has been Pronounced

Is a lady in mourning allowed to use kohl

Lian (Invoking Mutual Curses)

Limit of Abstaining from Adornment in Mourning

Maintenance of Divorced Women

Maintenance of Slave-Girls Divorced when Pregnant

Marry pagan ladies who embraced Islam

Marrying another man after being divorced

Oath of Men to Divorce while Not yet Married

Retaining one's wife while she is in menses

Selling a female slave does not lead to her divorce

Separating from Wives for Compensation

Suspecting paternity to a child

Taking the oath of Lian

Telling the wife face to face

The child of a lady accused of adultery

The difference between husband and wife

The divorce of those involved in Lian

The earnings of a prostitute and the illegal wedding

The gift of a husband to a divorced lady

The Ila (Vow of Abstention) of Slaves

The intercession of the Prophet

The Irrevocable' Divorce

The Lian

The Mahr in the case of Lian

The Mahr of a lady entered upon by her husband

The man should start the process of Lian

The Option (of Slave-Girls Married to Slaves when Freed)

The property and family of a lost person

The story of Fatima bint Qais

The Two Arbiters

Using gestures to express divorce

What is Clear about Giving Wives Right of Divorce

What is Not Clear in Giving Wives Right of Divorce

Widows Remaining in Their Houses until Free to Marry