Intending to practice Itikaf and then changing one's mind

Itikaf at night only

Itikaf in last ten days of Ramadan

Itikaf in the middle ten days of Ramadan

Itikaf in the month of Shawwal

Itikaf of a Mustahada i.e. woman who has bleeding in between her periods

Itikaf without fasting

Making a vow to perform Itikaf before embracing Islam

Menstruating woman combing hair of husband in Itikaf

Mu'takif defending himself

Mu'takif going to gate of mosque

Mu'takif letting his head in his house for washing

Mu'takif not allowed to enter house

Release from Itikaf

Releasing Itikaf in the morning

Taking a bath


Tents in the mosque

Wife visiting husband in Itikaf

Women and Itikaf