Blood Money

'And if anyone saved a soul...'

'Life for life, eye for eye...'

'Whoever kills a faithful believer...'

A group of people killing or injuring one man

A Muslim slapping a Jew

A tooth for a tooth

Al- Qasama (oath taken by fifty people regarding murder)

Al-Aqila (Paternal relatives who pay the Diya)

Al-Qisas (law of equality in punishment)

Being killed in a big crowd

Biting someone and breaking one's own teeth

Blood-Money that has to be Paid as an Individual

Excusing someone who killed by mistake

General Section on Blood-Money

General Section on the Blood-Money for Teeth

If a killer confesses once, he should be killed

Inheritance of Blood-Money and Dealing Harshly in Taking It

Injuries for Which there is Full Blood-Money

Killed by an animal

Killing a man for having killed a woman

Killing an innocent non-Muslim under Muslim protection

Killing oneself by mistake

Killing Secretly by Trickery and Sorcery

Killing someone with a stone or a stick

Killing the fetus inside a pregnant woman

Mention of Blood-Money

No Diya in cases of mines and wells

Not to kill a Muslim for killing a Kafir (disbeliever)

Pardoning Murder

Poking someone's eye because he peeped

Procedure in Blood-Money

Procedure in the Blood-Money for Teeth

Punishing a killer with a stone in retaliation

Questioning the killer till he confesses...

Retaliation in Injury

Retaliation in Killing

Seeking the help of a slave or a boy

Seeking to shed blood without right

Taking right or Qisas without submitting to ruler

The Blood-Money and Crime of the Slave Set Free and from Whom his Former Master does Not Inherit

The Blood-Money for Accidental Injury

The Blood-Money for an Eye whose Sight is Lost

The Blood-Money for Fingers

The Blood-Money for Head-Wounds

The Blood-Money for Injuries to Slaves

The Blood-Money for Manslaughter

The Blood-Money for Murder, When Accepted and the Criminal Act of the Insane

The Blood-Money for the Fetus

The Blood-Money of the People of Protection (Dhimma)

The Blood-Money of Women

The Diya for cutting fingers

The fetus inside a pregnant woman

The relative of the killed has right of compensation

What is Obligatory for Intentional Injury