'..neither trade nor selling prevent them from worshipping Allah'

'Allah will remove from Riba all blessings!'

'And when the Jumua prayer is finished

'But when they see some bargain'

'Spend of your good earnings i.e. legally earned

Al-Hajjam i.e. one who practices cupping

Al-Limas or Mulamasa i.e. sale by only touching object and not looking at it

Al-Muzabana i.e. sale of dried dates for fresh ones

Allah's blessing in the Sa' and Mudd

An-Najsh i.e. offering a high price for something without the intention of buying it

Bai'AI-Mukhadara i.e. sale of grains or vegetables before the benefit is evident

Being easy and generous in bargaining

Both seller and buyer explaining good and bad points of a transaction

Both the buyer and the seller have option to confirm or cancel transaction

Buying and selling with enemies

Buying foodstuff on credit

Buying goods and leaving them with the seller; bought animal dies before being taken in possession

Buying something for somebody else

Charging commission on buying goods for others

Cheating in business

Credit purchase by the Prophet

Dealing with women in selling and buying

Earning money legally and illegally

Earnings and manual labor

Enlarging sustenance

Explanation of doubtful things

Fat of a dead animal

Fondling a pregnant slave girl

Giving oaths while selling disapproved of

Giving time to a rich person to pay

Going out for trading

Habal-al-Habala i.e. sale of what is in the womb

Hides of dead animals before tanning

If time of option is not fixed

Imposing conditions in selling which are against Islamic Jurisprudence

Is selling permissible if the seller has the option to confirm or cancel bargain?

Keeping animals unmilked for a long time so as to get a better price

Killing pigs

Legal and illegal things are clearly defined

Limits for meeting caravans

Losing blessings because of lies


Markets of the Pre-Islamic Period

Meeting the caravans on the way

Munabadha i.e. throwing garment to buyer, not allowing him to look at it

Not considering the dark suggestions by one's soul as doubtful things

Not selling foodstuff before bringing it into the house

Period for decision of confirmation or cancellation of transaction

Purchasing a slave from enemies

Purchasing animals

Purchasing camels suffering from disease

Raising voices in the market

Referring to traditions and conventions in matters of slaves

Ruler purchasing his necessities himself

Sale and eating of spadix

Sale of date-palms complete with roots

Sale of dead animals and idols

Sale of undivided common land

Sale of unharvested crops

Seller urging somebody to cancel bargain

Selling a free man

Selling a Mudabbar i.e. slave who was promised by his master to be manumitted after the latter's death

Selling a slave and an animal for an animal

Selling and storing of foodstuffs

Selling barley for barley

Selling by auction

Selling date-palms before their benefit is evident

Selling dates on trees for gold or silver

Selling Dinars for Dinars on credit

Selling dried grapes for dried grapes

Selling foodstuff before receiving it

Selling fruits before their benefit is evident

Selling gold for gold

Selling gold for silver from hand to hand

Selling mixed dates

Selling of an adulterer slave

Selling of dates for dates

Selling of joint property by one partner

Selling of pictures

Selling or renting pollinated palms or sown land

Selling silver for gold on delay payment

Selling silver for silver

Selling slaves

Selling somebody's goods without taking commission

Suffering loss of fruit sold before benefit is evident

The blacksmiths

The carpenter

The explanation of 'Araya

The goldsmith

The meat-seller and the butcher

The option of returning an animal

The owner has more right to suggest the price

The perfume-seller

The price of a dog

The sale of arms

The sale of undesirable cloth

The sin of receiving Riba

The sin of the Riba-payer

The tailor

The weaver

Trade of alcohol

Trading of cloth and other things

Urban person charging desert-dweller for selling his goods

Waiting for a poor person to pay his debt

Weighing and measuring

What doubtful things to avoid

What is preferable regarding measuring

When the bargain is final

Wishing to buy one kind of dates for a better kind