A woman removing troublesome things from praying person

Carrying a small girl while praying

Facing a bed carrying a menstruating woman

Facing a bed while praying

Facing a praying person while praying

Facing a Ra,hila mount, camel, tree or saddle

Facing the pillars while praying

Offering non-congregational prayers between pillars

Others do not annul one's prayers

Passing in front of praying person

Praying behind a sleeping person

Praying Nawafil prayers behind a sleeping woman

Sin of passing in front of praying person

Sutra for the prayer in Mecca and elsewhere

The distance between the praying person and the Sutra

The Sutra of the Imam is also the Sutra for those behind him

Touching or pushing wife while prostrating

Using a Harba as a Sutra

Using an Anza as a Sutra