'Intoxicants and gambling, stones and arrows'


Alcoholic drink is that drink which disturbs the mind

Alcoholic drinks may be prepared from grapes and other things

Alcoholic drinks were prohibited by Divine Order

Asking the permission of the one on the right

Breathing twice or thrice while drinking

Covering containers

Drinking blessed water

Drinking from water skins

Drinking out of a gold vessel

Drinking out of a wooden vessel

Drinking water from a basin

Drinking water from the mouth of a water skin

Drinking while on the back of a camel

Drinking while standing

Fresh water

Liquor prepared from honey


Milk mixed with water

Not to breathe into a vessel

Preparing nonalcoholic drink by another name

Silver utensils

Sweet syrups and honey

The one on the right should drink first

The Prophet's utensils

The unripe and ripe date drink

The use of bowls and containers

The younger should serve the older

To drink date syrup as long as it does not intoxicate