Prayer Times

'Isha' time is up to the middle of the night

'Offer prayers perfectly'

'Prayers at fixed hours have been prescribed'

Adhan for prayer after stated time is over

Being overwhelmed by sleep before 'Isha'

Delaying the Zuhr prayer to the 'Asr time

Dislike calling the Maghrib prayer 'Isha prayer

Leading people in prayer after its time is over

Mentioning 'Isha' and 'Atma'

Not offering prayers at its stated times

Not offering the 'Asr prayer

Not praying just before sunset

Offering only one Rak'a of 'Asr prayer

Performing one Rak'a of Fajr prayer in time

Prayer is expiation of sins

Prayers between the Fajr prayer and sunrise

Praying missed prayers after 'Asr prayers

Praying the 'Asr prayer earlier on cloudy days

Praying Zuhr prayer when it is cooler

Praying Zuhr prayer when on a journey

Sleeping before the 'Isha' prayer

Speaking in private to one's Lord

Superiority of praying at stated times

Superiority of the 'Asr prayer

Superiority of the 'Isha' prayer

Superiority of the Fajr prayer

Talking about Islamic Jurisprudence after 'Isha'

Talking after the 'Isha' prayer

Talking to family and guests after 'Isha' prayer

The five praying are expiation of sins

The Qada of prayers

The sin of missing the 'Asr prayer

The time for Zuhr prayer

The time of the 'Asr prayer

The time of the 'Isha' prayer

The time of the Maghrib prayer

Time of the Fajr prayer

To swear allegiance for offering prayers

When prayer has been forgotten

Whoever could do one Rak'a in time

Whoever did not dislike to offer optional prayers