'Also mention in the Book, Moses'

'And Allah sets forth as an example'

'And Allah spoke to Moses directly'

'And also mention in the Book Ishmael '

'And inform them of the guests of Abraham'

'And remember Job Aiyub

'And remember Our slave David'

'And to David We gave the Psalms'

'And unto Thamud We sent their brother Salih'

'And We sent Noah unto his nation'

'At last when the messengers arrived'

'Enter the gate with humility'

'For Allah did take Abraham'

'Has the story of Moses reached you'

'It is sufficient that Allah knows the truth'

'O people of the Scriptures! Do not exceed '

'Relate in the Book the story of Mary'

'So also was Jonah among those sent'

'The angels said, 'O Mary!' '

'They ask you concerning Dhul-Qarnain'

'They came upon the people'

'This is a mention of the Mercy'

'To the 'Ad people We sent Hud'

'Verily, in Joseph and his brothers'

'We also sent Lot'

'We appointed for Moses thirty nights'

'We bestowed wisdom on Luqman'

'Were you witnesses when death approached Jacob'

'Were you witnesses when death approached?'

'when she withdrew from her family'

Al-Khadir with Moses

Banu Israel

The birth of Jesus

The creation of Adam and his offspring

The death to Moses

The descent of Jesus

The prayer of David