'Allah thus directs you as regards your children's

'Our property is not to be inherited'

'They ask you for a legal decision'

A lady claiming to be the mother of a son

A lady leaving cousins

Being converted to Islam through somebody

Claiming that somebody is one's brother or nephew

Claiming to be somebody's son

Kindred by blood

Leaving property after death

The child is for the owner of the bed

The freed slave belongs to the manumitters

The heir of the Sa'iba

The inheritance in a case of Mula'ana

The inheritance of a captive

The inheritance of a grandchild

The inheritance of a grandchild and daughter

The inheritance of a husband

The inheritance of a woman, husband and offspring

The inheritance of daughters

The inheritance of sisters and brothers

The inheritance of the Kafir and the Muslim

The inheritance of the paternal grandfather

The Qa'if

The share of the offspring from the parents

The sisters of the deceased

The slave who denies his manumitted

The study of the laws of inheritance

The Wala' is for the manumitted

What a woman can inherit of the Wala'