Prayer Characteristics

Ablution for boys

Bowing behind the rows on entering mosque

Bowing twice

Cleaning forehead or nose in prayer

Dhikr after prayer

Finishing prayer with Taslim along with Imam

If Imam recites audibly in silent prayer

Imam facing followers after the prayer

Imam passing over the people

Imam remaining in place after Taslim

Imam saying: Amin aloud

Invocation before the Taslim

Invocation in bowing

Keeping the back straight in bowing

Legal way of sitting for Tashahhud

Looking around while praying

Looking at the Imam while praying

Looking hither and thither while praying

Looking towards the sky while praying

Necessity of saying Takbir Allah is greater.

Not performing bowing perfectly

Not putting forearms on ground while prostrating

Not sitting at end of second Rak'a

Not to say a third Taslim extra over the two Taslims of the Imam

On raising the heads from bowing

Placing right hand on left

Position of prostration

Praying of women behind men

Prolonging first two Rak'at shortening last two

Prolonging the first Rak'a

Prostrating in the mud

Prostrating on seven bones

Prostrating on the nose

Prostration not perfectly performed

Putting both hands on knees while bowing

Raising both hands on first Takbir

Raising both hands on opening prayer

Raising hands on standing for third Rak'a

Recitation in the 'Isha' prayer

Recitation of Qur'an in 'Asr prayer

Recitation of Qur'an in Maghrib prayer

Recitation of Qur'an in Zuhr prayer

Recitation of Surat-al-Fatiha is compulsory

Reciting 'As-Sajda' in the 'Isha' prayer

Reciting aloud in Fajr prayer

Reciting aloud in the 'Isha' prayer

Reciting aloud in the Maghrib prayer

Reciting only Al-Fatiha, in last two Rak'a

Reciting Qur'an in Fajr prayer

Reciting silently in Zuhr and 'Asr prayers

Reciting two Suras in one Rak'a


Repeating prayer for not bowing perfectly

Saying of 'Amin' aloud by the followers

Saying Takbir on rising

Saying Takbir on rising from prostration

Saying Takbir while prostrating

Saying Tashahhud in first sitting

Saying Tashahhud in last Rak'a

Saying: 'Subhan Allah' while prostrating

Sitting between two prostrations

Sitting straight in Witr prayer

Standing straight with calmness after bowing

Submissiveness in prayer

Superiority of prostrating

Superiority of saying: 'Allahumma Rabbana Laka ..'

Superiority of saying: 'Amin'

Supporting oneself while getting up from prostration

Taslim at the end of prayers

To depart by turning from the right and from left after prayer

To end the Takbir on bowing

To end the Takbir on prostrating

To what level should hands be raised?

Tucking hair while praying

Tucking up one's garment in prayer

Uncooked Onion, garlic or leek

Waiting for religious learned Imam to stand up for prayer

What optional invocation may be selected after the Tashahhud

What to say after Takbir

Woman asking husband's permission

Women attending mosque at night

Women returning immediately from the mosque after Fajr prayer

Wrapping clothes properly in prayer