'.whenever he is trusted, betrays'

'and their oaths will get painful punishment'

'Have you a proof?'

'Never accept their witnesses

A blind man as witness

Being a witness for injustice

Claiming something

Drawing lots to solve problems

Exaggeration in praising

False witnesses

Fulfilling a promise

No pagans as witnesses

Not being familiar with certain evidence

Number of witnesses necessary

Producing proof after oath has been taken

Saying: 'I do not know except good about him'

Taking a false oath

Taking an oath after the 'Asr prayer

Taking an oath wherever it becomes legal

The defendant taking an oath

The form which an oath should take

The just witnesses

The validity of a boy's witness

The witness of a wet nurse

The witness of an eavesdropper

The witness of male and female slaves

The witness of women

Wanting to take an oath first

When only one man attests conduct of another

Witness concerning lineage

Women attesting each other's honorable record