Al-Quran Surah 106. Quraish, Ayah 4

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الَّذِي أَطْعَمَهُمْ مِنْ جُوعٍ وَآمَنَهُمْ مِنْ خَوْفٍ

Asad : who has given them food against hunger, and made them safe from danger.4
Khattab :

Who has fed them against hunger and made them secure against fear.1 

Malik : Who provided them food in the days of famine and made them secure against fear.
Pickthall : Who hath fed them against hunger and hath made them safe from fear.
Yusuf Ali : Who provides them with food against hunger and with security against fear (of danger). 6279 6280
Transliteration : Allathee atAAamahum min jooAAin waamanahum min khawfin
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Asad 4 Cf. Abraham's prayer, "O my Sustainer! Make this a land secure, and grant its people fruitful sustenance" 2:126.

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Yusuf Ali 6279 Their trade caravans enriched them, and drew people from distant parts to visit Makkah and bring their merchandise and gifts thither.
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Yusuf Ali 6280 Their territory being inviolable, they did not suffer from the dangers of constant warfare nor from private feuds of vengeance or breaches of the peace in their secure homes.
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 Blessing the people of Quraysh with provision and security is probably the answer to Abraham’s prayer in 14:35-37.