Al-Quran Surah 14. Ibrahim, Ayah 51

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لِيَجْزِيَ اللَّهُ كُلَّ نَفْسٍ مَا كَسَبَتْ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ سَرِيعُ الْحِسَابِ

Asad : [And all shall be judged on that Day,] so that God may requite every human being for all that he has earned [in life]: verily, God is swift in reckoning!
Khattab :

As such, Allah will reward every soul for what it has committed. Surely Allah is swift in reckoning.

Malik : Allah will requite each soul according to its deeds; surely Allah is swift in taking the account.
Pickthall : That Allah may repay each soul what it hath earned. Lo! Allah is swift at reckoning.
Yusuf Ali : That Allah may requite each soul according to its deserts; and verily Allah is Swift in calling account. 1929 1930
Transliteration : Liyajziya Allahu kulla nafsin ma kasabat inna Allaha sareeAAu alhisabi
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 1929 Its deserts: i.e., according to what it earned by its own acts, good or evil, in its life of probation.
Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 1930 Swift in calling to account: We can understand this in two significations. (1) Let not the wicked think that because Allah, out of His infinite grace and mercy, grants respite, therefore the retribution will be slow in coming. When the time comes in accordance with Allah's Plan and Wisdom, the retribution will come so swiftly that the ungodly will be surprised and they will wish they could get more respite (xiv. 44). (2) On the great Day of Reckoning, let it not be supposed that, because there will be millions of souls to be judged, there will be any delay in judgment as in a human tribunal. It will be a new world and beyond the flight of Time. Or if a metaphor from time as we conceive it in this world can be taken, it will all be as it were in the twinkling of an eye (xvi. 77).

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