Al-Quran Surah 17. Al-Israa, Ayah 49

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وَقَالُوا أَإِذَا كُنَّا عِظَامًا وَرُفَاتًا أَإِنَّا لَمَبْعُوثُونَ خَلْقًا جَدِيدًا

Asad : And [thus, too,] they say, "After we will have become bones and dust, shall we, forsooth, be raised from the dead in a new act of creation?"
Khattab :

And they say ˹mockingly˺, “When we are reduced to bones and ashes, will we really be raised as a new creation?”

Malik : They say: "What! When we are reduced to bones and dust, shall we really be raised up again into a new creation?"
Pickthall : And they say: When we are bones and fragments, shall we, forsooth, be raised up as a new creation?
Yusuf Ali : They say: "What! when we are reduced to bones and dust should we really be raised up (to be) a new creation?" 2234
Transliteration : Waqaloo aitha kunna AAithaman warufatan ainna lamabAAoothoona khalqan jadeedan
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 2234 They do not realise that Allah Who created them once out of nothing can create them again, with memories of their past, in order to render to Him an account of how they used or misused the talents and opportunities which they were given. If it is to be a new Creation, what then? Bones and dust or ashes may yet retain something of the personality which was enshrined in them. But even if they were reduced to stones or iron or anything which their minds can conceive of as being most unlike them, yet there is nothing impossible to Allah! He has clearly sent a Message that we shall have to render an account of ourselves, and His Message is necessarily true.

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