Al-Quran Surah 18. Al-Kahf, Ayah 41

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أَوْ يُصْبِحَ مَاؤُهَا غَوْرًا فَلَنْ تَسْتَطِيعَ لَهُ طَلَبًا

Asad : or its water sinks deep into the ground, so that thou wilt never be able to find it again!"
Khattab :

Or its water may sink ˹into the earth˺, and then you will never be able to seek it out.”

Malik : Or its' water may dry out and you may never be able to find it."
Pickthall : Or some morning the water thereof will he lost in the earth so that thou canst not make search for it.
Yusuf Ali : "Or the water of the garden will run off underground so that thou wilt never be able to find it." 2381
Transliteration : Aw yusbiha maoha ghawran falan tastateeAAa lahu talaban
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Yusuf Ali 2381 The punishment was that of thunderbolts (husbanan), but the general meaning of the word includes any punishment by way of a reckoning (hisab), and I think that an earthquake is also implied, as it alters water-courses, diverts channels underground, throws up silt and sand, and covers large areas with ruin.

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