Al-Quran Surah 18. Al-Kahf, Ayah 95

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قَالَ مَا مَكَّنِّي فِيهِ رَبِّي خَيْرٌ فَأَعِينُونِي بِقُوَّةٍ أَجْعَلْ بَيْنَكُمْ وَبَيْنَهُمْ رَدْمًا

Asad : He answered: "That wherein my Sustainer has so securely established me is better [than anything that you could give me];96 hence, do but help me with [your labour's] strength, [and] I shall erect a rampart between you and them!
Khattab :

He responded, “What my Lord has provided for me is far better. But assist me with resources, and I will build a barrier between you and them.

Malik : Zul-Qarnain said: "That which my Rabb has granted me is more than enough, just help me with worker-force and I will erect a fortified barrier between you and them.
Pickthall : He said: That wherein my Lord hath established me better (than your tribute). Do but help me with strength (of men), I will set between you and them a bank.
Yusuf Ali : He said: "(The power) in which my Lord has established me is better (than tribute): help me therefore with strength (and labor): I will erect a strong barrier between you and them: 2440
Transliteration : Qala ma makkannee feehi rabbee khayrun faaAAeenoonee biquwwatin ajAAal baynakum wabaynahum radman
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Asad 96 It is generally assumed that the phrase "that wherein my Sustainer has so securely established me (makkanni)" refers to the power and wealth bestowed on him; but it is much more probable - and certainly more consistent with the ethical tenor of the whole parable of Dhu ‘l-Qarnayn - that it refers to God’s guidance rather than to worldly possessions.

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 2440 Zul-qarnain was not greedy and did not want to impose a tribute to be carried away from an industrious population. He understood the power which Allah had given him, to involve duties and responsibilities on his part-the duty of protecting his subjects without imposing too heavy a taxation on them. He would provide the motive force and organising skill. Would they obey him and provide the material and labour, so that they could close the gap with a strong barrier, probably with well-secured gates? The word radm, translated "Barrier," does not necessarily mean a wall, but rather suggests a blocked door or entrance.

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