Al-Quran Surah 26. Ash-Shu'araa, Ayah 18

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قَالَ أَلَمْ نُرَبِّكَ فِينَا وَلِيدًا وَلَبِثْتَ فِينَا مِنْ عُمُرِكَ سِنِينَ

Asad : [But when Moses had delivered his message, Pharaoh] said: "Did we not bring thee up among us when thou wert a child? And didst thou not spend among us years of thy [later] life?
Khattab :

Pharaoh protested, “Did we not raise you among us as a child, and you stayed several years of your life in our care?

Malik : When they went to Fir'on and conveyed the Message of Allah, he said: "Did we not cherish you when you were a child? Did you not stay several years of your life among us?
Pickthall : (Pharaoh) said (unto Moses): Did we not rear thee among us as a child? And thou didst dwell many years of thy life among us,
Yusuf Ali : (Pharaoh) said: "Did we not cherish thee as a child among us and didst thou not stay in our midst many years of thy life? 3147
Transliteration : Qala alam nurabbika feena waleedan walabithta feena min AAumurika sineena
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 3147 There is here a little play of wit on the part of Pharaoh. When Moses speaks of the "Lord and Cherisher of the Worlds", Pharaoh says: "Who cherished you? Did we not bring you up as a child? Did you not grow up among us?" By implication Pharaoh suggest that he is the cherisher of Moses, and in any case Pharaoh laid claim to godhead himself.

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