Al-Quran Surah 26. Ash-Shu'araa, Ayah 193

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نَزَلَ بِهِ الرُّوحُ الْأَمِينُ

Asad : trustworthy divine inspiration has alighted with it from on high
Khattab :

which the trustworthy spirit ˹Gabriel˺ brought down

Malik : The trustworthy Spirit (Angel Gabriel) brought it down
Pickthall : Which the True Spirit hath brought down
Yusuf Ali : With it came down the Spirit of Faith and Truth 3224
Transliteration : Nazala bihi alrroohu alameenu
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 3224 Ruh-ul-amin, the epithet of Gabriel, who came with the inspired Messages to the holy Prophet, is difficult to render in a single epithet in translation. In n. 3187 to xxvi. 107 I have described some of the various shades of meaning attached to the adjective Amin as applied to a Prophet. A further signification as attached to the Spirit of Inspiration is that it is the very quintessence of Faith and Truth, unlike the lying spirits which delude men with falsehood. On the whole, I think "the Spirit of Faith and Truth" will represent the original best here.

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