Al-Quran Surah 26. Ash-Shu'araa, Ayah 204

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أَفَبِعَذَابِنَا يَسْتَعْجِلُونَ

Asad : Do they, then, [really] wish that Our chas-tisement be hastened on?89
Khattab :

Do they ˹really˺ seek to hasten Our torment?

Malik : Do they wish to hurry on Our scourge?
Pickthall : Would they (now) hasten on Our doom?
Yusuf Ali : Do they then ask for Our Penalty to be hastened on? 3230
Transliteration : AfabiAAathabina yastaAAjiloona
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Asad 89 For this sarcastic demand of the unbelievers, see 6:57 and 8:32, as well as the corresponding notes; also verse {187} of the present surah.

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Yusuf Ali 3230 While some sinners out of negligence postpone the day of repentance till it is too late, others more bold actually ask out of bravado that Allah's Punishment should be brought down on them at once, as they do not believe in Allah or His Punishment! The answer to them is: It will come soon enough-too soon, they will think, when it comes! Cf. xxii. 47 and notes.

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