Al-Quran Surah 26. Ash-Shu'araa, Ayah 62

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قَالَ كَلَّا ۖ إِنَّ مَعِيَ رَبِّي سَيَهْدِينِ

Asad : He replied: "Nay indeed! My Sustainer is with me, [and] He will guide me!"
Khattab :

Moses reassured ˹them˺, “Absolutely not! My Lord is certainly with me—He will guide me.”

Malik : Musa said: "Not at all! My Rabb is with me; He will show me a way out."
Pickthall : He said: Nay, verily! for lo! my Lord is with me. He will guide me.
Yusuf Ali : (Moses said: "By no means! my Lord is with me! Soon will He guide me! 3171
Transliteration : Qala kalla inna maAAiya rabbee sayahdeeni
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Yusuf Ali 3171 Guide me: i.e., show me some way of escape from danger. This actually happened for Pharaoh's host was drowned. The faith of Moses stands in strong contrast to the fears of his people.

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