Al-Quran Surah 30. Ar-Rum, Ayah 25

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وَمِنْ آيَاتِهِ أَنْ تَقُومَ السَّمَاءُ وَالْأَرْضُ بِأَمْرِهِ ۚ ثُمَّ إِذَا دَعَاكُمْ دَعْوَةً مِنَ الْأَرْضِ إِذَا أَنْتُمْ تَخْرُجُونَ

Asad : And among His wonders is this: the skies and the earth stand firm at His behest.17 [Remember all this: for] in the end, when He will call you forth from the earth with a single call-lo! you will [all] emerge [for judgment].
Khattab :

And one of His signs is that the heavens and the earth persist by His command. Then when He calls you out of the earth just once, you will instantly come forth.

Malik : And of His signs are the firmly standing heaven and earth by His command; then as soon as He will summon you out of the earth, you shall come forth at one call.
Pickthall : And of His signs is this: The heavens and the earth stand fast by His command, and afterward, when He calleth you, lo! from the earth ye will emerge.
Yusuf Ali : And among His Signs is this that heaven and earth stand by His Command: then when He calls you by a single call from the earth behold ye (straightway) come forth. 3531
Transliteration : Wamin ayatihi an taqooma alssamao waalardu biamrihi thumma itha daAAakum daAAwatan mina alardi itha antum takhrujoona
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Asad 17 Cf. 13:2, where God is spoken of as having "raised the skies without any supports that you could see" - a phrase explained in the corresponding note [4].

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Yusuf Ali 3531 In the physical world, the sky and the earth, as we see them, stand unsupported, by the artistry of Allah. They bear witness to Allah, and in that our physical life depends on them-the earth for its produce and the sky for rain, the heat of the sun, and other phenomena of nature-they call to our mind our relation to Allah Who made them and us. How can we then be so dense as not to realize that our higher Future, our Ma'ad, is bound up with the call and the mercy of Allah?

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