Al-Quran Surah 38. Sad, Ayah 19

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وَالطَّيْرَ مَحْشُورَةً ۖ كُلٌّ لَهُ أَوَّابٌ

Asad : and [likewise] the birds in their assemblies:21 [together] they all would turn again and again unto Him [who had created them].
Khattab :

And ˹We subjected˺ the birds, flocking together. All turned to him ˹echoing his hymns˺.

Malik : And the birds, too, with all their flocks, join in singing with him.
Pickthall : And the birds assembled; all were turning unto Him
Yusuf Ali : And the birds gathered (in assemblies): all with him did turn (to Allah). 4169
Transliteration : Waalttayra mahshooratan kullun lahu awwabun
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Asad 21 See surah {21}, note [73].

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Yusuf Ali 4169 Note the mutual echo between this verse and verse 17 above. The Arabic awwab is common to both, and it furnishes the rhyme or rhythm of the greater part of the Sura, thus echoing the main theme: 'Turn to Allah in Prayer and Praise, for that is more than any worldly power or wisdom.'

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