Al-Quran Surah 44. Ad-Dukhan, Ayah 24

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وَاتْرُكِ الْبَحْرَ رَهْوًا ۖ إِنَّهُمْ جُنْدٌ مُغْرَقُونَ

Asad : and leave the sea becalmed12 [between thee and Pharaoh's men]: for, verily, they are a host destined to be drowned!"
Khattab :

And leave the sea parted, for they are certainly an army bound to drown.”

Malik : When you have crossed the red sea along with your people miraculously, then leave the sea divided; for they are a host who are destined to be drowned."
Pickthall : And leave the sea behind at rest, for lo! they are a drowned host.
Yusuf Ali : "And leave the sea as a furrow (divided). For they are a host (destined) to be drowned." 4708
Transliteration : Waotruki albahra rahwan innahum jundun mughraqoona
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Asad 12 Or: "cleft" - the expression rahwan having both these connotations (Jawhari, with especial reference to the above phrase). See also notes [33] and [35] on {26:63-66}.

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Yusuf Ali 4708 For the passage of Moses and his following, the sea had divided: they were to pass through the gap or furrow and leave it alone, to lure on the Egyptian host, on which the sea afterwards closed in, totally destroying them.

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