Al-Quran Surah 44. Ad-Dukhan, Ayah 40

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إِنَّ يَوْمَ الْفَصْلِ مِيقَاتُهُمْ أَجْمَعِينَ

Asad : VERILY, the Day of Distinction [between the true and the false] is the term appointed for all of them:23
Khattab :

Surely the Day of ˹Final˺ Decision is the time appointed for all—

Malik : Surely the Day of sorting out is the time appointed for the resurrection of them all.
Pickthall : Assuredly the Day of Decision is the term of all of them,
Yusuf Ali : Verily the Day of Sorting Out is the time appointed for all of them 4718
Transliteration : Inna yawma alfasli meeqatuhum ajmaAAeena
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Asad 23 See note [6] on 77:13.

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Yusuf Ali 4718 Day of Sorting Out, or the Day of Decision. Cf. xxxvii. 21, and n. 4047. Ignorance, prejudice, passion, spite, and selfishness, seem sometimes to flourish in this probationary life. In any case they are mixed up with knowledge, justice, commonsense, love and regard for others. But the good and the evil will be sorted out and separated at the Day of Judgment. There is a time appointed for it. In Allah's good time all will come right.

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