Al-Quran Surah 52. At-Tur, Ayah 1

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Asad Translation : CONSIDER Mount Sinai!1
Malik Translation : By the mount Tur (where Moses was given the Torah),
Pickthall Translation : By the Mount,
Yusuf Ali Translation : By the Mount (of Revelation); 5037
Transliteration : Waalttoori
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Asad 1 For my rendering of the adjurative particle wa as "Consider", see first half of note [23] on 74:32. The expression at-tur (lit., "the mountain") is used in the Qur'an exclusively to denote Mount Sinai, on which Moses received his decisive revelation. In the present context it signifies, metonymically, revelation as such, to which the next verse calls attention.

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Yusuf Ali 5037 The adjuration is by five things which we shall presently explain. An appeal is made to these five Signs in verses 1 to 6, and the certainty of future events is asserted in the most emphatic terms in verses 7 to 28, in three parts, viz., the coming of judgment and the passing away of this phenomenal world (verses 7-10); the future ill consequences of ill-deeds done (verses 11-16); and future attainment of bliss and complete realisation of Allah's love and mercy (verses 17-28).