Al-Quran Surah 55. Ar-Rahman, Ayah 31

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سَنَفْرُغُ لَكُمْ أَيُّهَ الثَّقَلَانِ

Asad : [ONE DAY] We shall take you to task,13 O you sin-laden two!14
Khattab :

We will soon attend to you ˹for judgment˺, O  two multitudes ˹of jinn and humans˺!

Malik : O you, the two burdens (jinns and mankind)! Soon We shall find the time to call you to account.
Pickthall : We shall dispose of you, O ye two dependents (man and jinn).
Yusuf Ali : Soon shall We settle your affairs O both ye worlds! 5193
Transliteration : Sanafrughu lakum ayyuha alththaqalani
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Asad 13 Lit., "We shall apply Ourselves to you".
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Asad 14 I.e., "you sin-laden men and women" (see note [4] above). According to an interpretation quoted by Razi the designation thaqalan (the dual form of thaqal, "a thing of weight") signifies that both these categories of human beings are liable to, and therefore burdened with, sinning.

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 5193 Thaqal: weight, something weighty, something weighed with something else. The two thaqals are Jinns and men who are burdened with responsibility or, as some commentators hold, with sin. They are both before Allah, and the affairs of both are conducted under His Command. If there are inequalities or apparent disturbances of balance, that is only for a season. Allah gives to both good and evil men a chance in this period of probation; but this period will soon be over, and Judgment will be established. To give you this chance, this probation, this warning, is itself a favour, by which you should profit, and for which you should be grateful.

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