Al-Quran Surah 77. Al-Mursalat, Ayah 23

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فَقَدَرْنَا فَنِعْمَ الْقَادِرُونَ

Asad : Thus have We determined [the nature of man's creation]: and excellent indeed is Our power to determine [what is to be]!8
Khattab :

We ˹perfectly˺ ordained ˹its development˺. How excellent are We in doing so!

Malik : We have estimated its term - how excellent an estimator We are!
Pickthall : Thus We arranged. How excellent is Our arranging!
Yusuf Ali : For We do determine (according to need); for We are the Best to determine (things)! 5874
Transliteration : Faqadarna faniAAma alqadiroona
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Asad 8 The process of man's coming into being (illustrated, for instance, in {23:12-14}) clearly points to God's creative activity and, hence, to His existence. Consequently, lack of gratitude on man's part amounts to what the Qur'an describes as "giving the lie to the truth".

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Yusuf Ali 5874 Perhaps the life in the womb, in relation to the life after birth, is an allegory for our probationary life on earth in relation to the eternal Life to come. Perhaps, also, our state when we are buried in the tomb suggests an allegory to the life in the womb, in relation to the life in the Hereafter.

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