Al-Quran Surah 78. An-Nabaa, Ayah 30

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فَذُوقُوا فَلَنْ نَزِيدَكُمْ إِلَّا عَذَابًا

Asad : [And so We shall say:] "Taste, then, [the fruit of your evil doings,] for now We shall bestow on you nothing but more and more suffering!"14
Khattab :

˹So the deniers will be told,˺ “Taste ˹the punishment˺, for all you will get from Us is more torment.”

Malik : It will be said: "Taste the fruits of your deeds! You shall have nothing but increase in punishment."
Pickthall : So taste (of that which ye have earned). No increase do We give you save of torment.
Yusuf Ali : "So taste ye (the fruits of your deeds); for no increase shall We grant you except in Punishment." 5903
Transliteration : Fathooqoo falan nazeedakum illa AAathaban
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Asad 14 Lit., "We shall not increase you in anything but suffering": i.e., until the sins committed in this world are atoned for by commensurate suffering in the hereafter - for "whoever shall come [before God] with an evil deed will be requited with no more than the like thereof; and none shall be wronged" 6:160.

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Yusuf Ali 5903 Just as there is a progressive deterioration in the sinner's soul when he surrenders himself to evil, so there is a progressive increase in the Penalty which he suffers.

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