Al-Quran Surah 80. Abasa, Ayah 23

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كَلَّا لَمَّا يَقْضِ مَا أَمَرَهُ

Asad : Nay, but [man] has never yet fulfilled what He has enjoined upon him!8
Khattab :

But no! They have failed to comply with what He ordered.

Malik : By no means has he fulfilled the duty that Allah had assigned him.
Pickthall : Nay, but (man) hath not done what He commanded him.
Yusuf Ali : By no means hath he fulfilled what Allah Hath commanded him. 5959
Transliteration : Kalla lamma yaqdi ma amarahu
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Asad 8 In other words, man has failed to make adequate use of the intellectual and spiritual endowment referred to in verse {20}. Whereas some commentators are of the opinion that this relates only to the type of man spoken of in verse {17} above, others maintain, with greater plausibility, that it is a reference to man in general - thus: "No human being has ever fulfilled all that was imposed on him as a [moral] duty" (Mujahid, as quoted by Tabari, with a similar statement attributed by Baghawi to Al-Hasan al-Basri); or "From the time of Adam to this time, no human being has ever been free of shortcomings" (Zamakhshari, Baydawi). This is in tune with the Qur'anic doctrine that perfection is an attribute of God alone.

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Yusuf Ali 5959 Though all these blessings and stages have been provided by Allah's Grace for the good of man, yet unregenerate man fails in carrying out the purpose of his creation and life.

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