Al-Quran Surah 84. Al-Inshiqaq, Ayah 7

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فَأَمَّا مَنْ أُوتِيَ كِتَابَهُ بِيَمِينِهِ

Asad : And as for him whose record shall be placed in his right hand,5
Khattab :

As for those who are given their record in their right hand,

Malik : Then he who will be given his Book of deeds in his right hand,
Pickthall : Then whoso is given his account in his right hand
Yusuf Ali : Then he who is given his Record in his Right hand 6037
Transliteration : Faama man ootiya kitabahu biyameenihi
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Asad 5 I.e., whose behaviour in life characterises him as "righteous": see note [12] on 69:19.

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Yusuf Ali 6037 Right Hand. Cf. xvii 71. Then will be the fortunate ones, who spent their lives in goodness and truth: for them the account will be made easy; for even after the balancing, they will receive more than their merits deserve, on account of the infinite grace, and mercy of Allah.

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