Al-Quran Surah 88. Al-Gashiya, Ayah 9

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لِسَعْيِهَا رَاضِيَةٌ

Asad : well-pleased with [the fruit of] their striving,
Khattab :

˹fully˺ pleased with their striving,

Malik : well pleased with their endeavors,
Pickthall : Glad for their effort past,
Yusuf Ali : Pleased with their Striving 6100
Transliteration : LisaAAyiha radiyatun
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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 6100 Notice the parallelism in contrast, between the fate of the Wicked and that of the Righteous. In the one case there was humiliation in their faces; in the other, there is joy; where there was labour and weariness in warding off the Fire, there is instead a healthy Striving, which is itself pleasurable, -a Striving which is a pleasant consequence of the spiritual Endeavour in the earthly life, which may have brought trouble or persecution from without, but which brought inward peace and satisfaction.

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