Al-Quran Surah 89. Al-Fajr, Ayah 8

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الَّتِي لَمْ يُخْلَقْ مِثْلُهَا فِي الْبِلَادِ

Asad : the like of whom has never been reared in all the land? -
Khattab :

unmatched in any other land;

Malik : the like of which had never been built in other cities.
Pickthall : The like of which was not created in the lands;
Yusuf Ali : The like of which were not produced in (all) the land? 6115
Transliteration : Allatee lam yukhlaq mithluha fee albiladi
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Yusuf Ali 6115 This tract of southern Arabia was once very prosperous (Arabia Felix) and contains ruins and inscriptions. It has always been an object of great interest to the Arabia. In the time of Muawiya some precious stones were found among the ruins in this locality. Quite recently, a bronze lion's head and a bronze piece of gutter with a Sabaean inscription, found in Najran, have been described in the British Museum Quarterly, vol, XI, No. 4, Sept. 1937.

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