Al-Quran Surah 90. Al-Balad, Ayah 4

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لَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا الْإِنْسَانَ فِي كَبَدٍ

Asad : Verily, We have created man into [a life of] pain, toil and trial.3
Khattab :

Indeed, We have created humankind in ˹constant˺ struggle.

Malik : certainly We have created man to be in stress.
Pickthall : We verily have created man in an atmosphere:
Yusuf Ali : Verily We have created Man into toil and struggle. 6133
Transliteration : Laqad khalaqna alinsana fee kabadin
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Asad 3 The term kabad, comprising the concepts of "pain", "distress", "hardship", "toil", "trial" etc., can be rendered only by a compound expression like the one above.

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Yusuf Ali   
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Yusuf Ali 6133 Cf. "Man is born unto troubles as the sparks fly upward" (Job, v. 7); "For all his days are sorrows, and his travail grief" (Ecclesiastes, ii. 23). Man's life is full of sorrow and vexation; but our text has a different shade of meaning: man is born to strive and struggle; and if he suffers from hardships, he must exercise patience, for Allah will make his way smooth for him (lxv. 7; xciv. 5-6). On the other hand no man should boast of worldly goods or worldly prosperity (see verses 5-7 below).

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