Al-Quran Surah 82. Al-Infitar - Malik Translation

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In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
Description of What will happen on the day of judgement and Guardian angels are recording all actions and Allah Himself will be the Judge
1 When the heaven will cleft asunder;
2 when the stars will scatter;
3 when the oceans will be torn apart;
4 and when the graves will be laid open:
5 then each soul shall know what it has sent forth and what it left behind.
6 O man! What has lured you away from your gracious Rabb,
7 Who created you, fashioned you, proportioned you,
8 and moulded you in whatever form He pleased?
9 Nay! In fact you deny the Day of Judgement!
10 You should know that guardian angels have indeed been appointed over you,
11 who are noble writers,
12 they know all that you do.
13 On that Day the righteous will surely be in bliss;
14 while the wicked will indeed go to hell,
15 they shall enter it on the Day of Judgment,
16 and they shall not be able to escape from it.
17 What will explain to you what the Day of Judgment is?
18 Again, what will explain to you what the Day of Judgment is?
19 It will be the Day when no one shall have the power to do anything for another: for, on that Day, Allah shall keep the entire command to Himself.

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