Funeral Services

Funeral Checklist

TELEPHONE CALLS IMMEDIATELY AFTER DEATH (Collect information listed below prior to making calls)

  1. Doctor, nurse, or a responsible person at the location of death for Death or Transportation Certificate for funeral home to carry the deceased body.

  2. Mosque or Islamic Organization for Janazah prayer and funeral support.

  3. Funeral Home to transport, wash, and prepare the deceased for burial.

  4. Cemetery for burial of deceased.


  1. Name, telephone number and relationship with the deceased of the family contact person.

  2. Name, age/sex, day & date of death and burial etc.

  3. Location of dead body – whether at hospital, hospice, nursing home, or home etc.

  4. Status of obtaining death/transportation certificate from the doctor, nurse etc.

  5. Name of funeral home, and name & contact information of its contact person.

  6. Name of cemetery, and name & contact information of its contact person.

  7. Plans of burial-date, day, time, location selected etc.