Are you amazed by the word “JANNAH’? Ok, let’s start with the word ‘Jannah’. What is Jannah?. Yes, we all know it’s heaven, but the word Jannah means “Garden”. We are all afraid of hell and we have been hearing about the torments in hell. Now if we just reverse our thoughts from hell to heaven what is there in heaven. In very simple words Allah [SWT] says “Whatever your soul wishes will be there in heaven”. Everything that you need will be rewarded to you in abundance and to your wish. There will be rivers of milk (the milk that doesn’t get spoiled), honey, fresh juices, water etc. that which will never stop, it will only get better. Allah [SWT] says Jannah has in it something far greater and bigger than each person’s singular paradise. SubhanAllah isn’t it amazing?. In Jannah it’s something that our eyes have never seen, all that we see in the earth doesn’t qualify in Jannah. Even the same husbands and wives will be far better in Jannah in a manner we wished them to be. Even our body which we think is perfect is not qualified to go to Jannah. Allah [SWT] makes everything perfect in order to be qualified to enter Jannah. Mufti Menk in this video says when you see heaven you will say I have never ever seen something like this and I have never ever heard of something like this and I have never ever dreamt of something like this and I never thought this is what it would be like. So why don’t we take up this opportunity. This is what Allah [SWT] has in store for the ones who live according to his will. Don’t you want to be one among them. May Allah [SWT] accept all our deeds and grand us Jannah.

Mufti Menk in this video has excellently briefed about Jannah. Do listen to his words and honestly try to be one amongst them to enter Jannah.

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