Once, Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, located in a northern mountain valley
was a commercial and cultural center. Apart from its cultural standards, once the country was characterized as oil rich Venezuela.But now, the reality has been changed. People are queueing all night for food and medicine. Venezuela is facing the highest inflation rate in the world. Murders and kidnaps are increasing day by day in the cities of Venezuela.Once the country was a magnet of immigrants. Now the situation has been changed upside down. People are fleeing from their country due to fear, financial imbalance and political or social emergency. Now, Venezuela is one of world’s most dangerous countries and its capital Caracas turned to the city bearing the highest murder rates in the world. Due to lack of food and medicines, people are engaged in violence and crime and police force are unable to stop people from looting or other kind of violent activities. People still looting pharmacies, bakeries, food courts and supermarkets for their needs. Most of the airline services stopped their service to Venezuela due to inflation and problems there. People complains that judicial system and administrate system are failed in Venezuela. Government opponents and some supporters see a so-called recall referendum to force President Maduro to step down as the only peaceful and constitutional way to avoid bloodshed. But he attempts to act with a negotiation to remain in the position as he is the controller of judicial system, army and electoral council.

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