Parenting is a great time in one’s life. As far as parenting is concerned, it is a challenging and lovely responsibility. There are a number of different needs that a person has in his or her life. That needs may be physical, mental or spiritual. A parent should give the correct path to his child on how to fulfill these needs by the time. Good parenting is all about meeting all these needs of a child in a balanced and correct order. Many parents think that, by meeting the physical and material needs of their children, all their responsibilities are complete. No! You have to make them learn how to lead a life with spirituality and kindness. Normally, if a parent is very much busy with his job or something else, he tries to manage the needs of his child by gifting everything that is possible with money power. By doing this, you are spoiling your child’s great future. So, every parent should find some time to pay attention to his child and to love him or her with affection and care. Each child has emotional needs and spiritual needs. To meet these needs, there are different ways for parents. Parents can read about this particular subject by referring respective books or magazines. Parents can go for a class online or offline that covers the psychological scene of a child. Try to find some time to meet the intellectual needs of your children that their school cannot meet-such as visit historical places, visit some places of natural beauty, centers of worship, homes for the aged or the infirm, factories, museums, or a slum, a forest or an orphanage, a shrine or a park, a dance performance or a planetarium or a bakery, combining in this way entertainment as well as exposure to various situations and dimensions of lived reality. Parents should have to teach their children about God and his wisdom. Make them pray to God everyday at regular time with family members. Let them thank God for the good time they had in life.
One cannot acquire good parenting skills by simply giving birth to a child. Its a regular practice to lead the child to a good future by giving him or her better guidance spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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