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Kusoof us Shams (Solar Eclipse): A time to Raise the Praise of Allah, the Exalted

When you see the eclipse, remember Allah, SWT, raise His Praise, His Greatness (say Takbir), pray, and give charity.

The End of 2017 is Approaching Fast

The year 2017 is coming to an end, inshaAllah, and it has been a year full of turmoil and emotional ups and downs.

Mecca - the Holiest City in the World in Islam

Mecca is the holy city in the World. This title has been given to Mecca because, Prophet Muhammad was born here.

How to Cure Depression & Stress Naturally

With a very simple act, we can wash away the depression. The act is known as Sujood ash-Shukr.

Body Image-Reality and Standards

Mr.Altaf Hussain delivered a wonderful speech at MSA National on body image-reality and standards.

Remember Allah and Wash away your Depression

Depression usually comes from being far from Allah. We need remembrance of Allah to wash away depression.

Focus on our blessings

This is part of Mufti Menk’s powerful speech on the topic - Focus on What You Have - an understanding of our achievements and thanking Allah almighty for that.

Challenge Your Blindness

Author states that blindness has become a way of life, to be open, a disguising to lead the life.

Read the sky and find the Qiblah

This article explains how to locate the Qiblah without any electronic device.