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Make your kids happy; not orphans

Make a target of your earning and work for that and spend the rest of your time to talk and listen to your kids. Life is not all about making money, but it's all about happiness and peace.

Pleasurable Parenting: Flexible Reward Chart

Umm Salihah Ahmed, a blog writer and a loving mother tells about a flexible reward chart on pleasurable parenting.

Motherhood and Anxieties: A Comment on Hitting

This is a blog by a mother about her child’s behaviour at school and her reply to the child to make him the best boy in the world.

The Bliss of the Moment

What are the good ways to lead a balanced family atmosphere? Did you ever think of?

Unconditional Love

Even if we hadn't really experienced the unconditional love from our parents, we must know that our children need it.

Parenting Can’t Be Outsourced To Technology

Parenting is the most admirable and challenging task that a family need to work out a lifetime.

Mother’s day Love

Umm Salihah Ahmed, a wonderful mother explains her love to her kids and the specialty of mother’s day in her life.

Parenting: Nurture your Child Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically

Parenting is a great time in one’s life and it is a challenging and lovely responsibility.