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To God

Shahroz, a pure devotee of Allah expresses his thoughts, learning and healings come from a conversation with Allah.

No feets are needed to perform Sujud; It needs a soul

Here is a wonderful and heart touching post from a disabled US Navy Veteran.

Mother’s day Love

Umm Salihah Ahmed, a wonderful mother explains her love to her kids and the specialty of mother’s day in her life.

Ibtihaj Muhammad; First US athlete to Olympics in hijab

Ibtihaj Muhammad, bagged a bronze medal in the Women’s Sabre World Cup and qualified to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics to represent United States fencing team.

To the Rude Hijabi at Heathrow

Here is an incident story that a couple experienced rude behavior from a girl in hijab.

How to Love, Learn and get Inspired!

In her opinion, Umm Salihah talks about her love, learn and inspire lists.

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Baba; My Soul and My Guide

Hiba Masood a writer, speaker and a story teller talks about her Baba's influence in teaching Quran and its holy threads in her wonderful opinion piece 'Baba, The Quran and Me'.

In Fact, No One Cares About Gaza

This article describes the attrocities suffered by the people of Gaza.

In Search of Truth! French Convert is Now King’s Guest for Haj!

Alexander, a French pilgrim who embraced Islam and adopted his Muslim name, Hamza is recently blessed by King Abdullah to do Haj as his guest.

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Giving for Eternity: A Tunisian waqf history

Giving to Eternity directed by Ayed Nabaa is a visual treat to the film lovers which explores the history of the Waqf tradition seen through the eyes of Tunisian historians and others.

Why United States still addicted to Pain Killers?

Reports say that 78 Americans die every day due to over dosage of pain killers and other pills mixed with Alcohol.

Eid al-Fitr 2020

Eid al-Fitr will fall on May 23rd or 24th this year and many of us are unsure of what to do given the current pandemic situation causing a shutdown of all places of worship.