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Coming soon:

  1. Collaborative Editing, Comments, and Discussions on the Meaning of Al-Qur’an a. Comments feature with Alim online and facility of religious collaboration. b. Rating of authors and their works and online reputation building c. Ratings of comments and “most popular” type of rankings
  2. Full Arabic Script Quran Recitation-Abdul Basit, English Recitation of Quran Translation, Surah Themes Arabic Recitation of Duas.
  3. Questions & Answers: Q&A page called “Ask” or something similar that allows questions to be posted and answered by anyone; people can rate questions and answers; similar to in ease of use and capabilities.
  4. Enhanced Arabic Playhouse online.
  5. Video Islam: A Closer Look Video How to Perform Hajj (90 min.) 3-D Animated Walk-through of Haram in Mecca.